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Waterway Vegetation and Debris Removal

Waterway clean-up is an important part of the disaster relief process. JBF can help with both salt or fresh waterways. We can assist with site location planning, damage assessment, initial inspections, surface clean up, and submerged weed or debris removal. We service private properties, cities, municipalities, counties and government entities. Our fleet of boats are committed to safety and efficiency while performing any task on the water. We have the organization, heavy equipment, and containers on the ground to ensure a smooth transition of debris from vessel to land. Debris monitoring, progress updates, and tonnage reporting is provided by JBF Real Property. Our equipment includes:

  • Aquatic Mowers
  • Aquatic Vegetation Rakes
  • Weed Razors, Weed Rakes
  • Variety of mesh, nylon, and metal screens